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Aluminum film EPE foam sheet advantages

Release time: 2020-04-16


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Aluminum film EPE foam sheet advantages

Many people may heard about aluminum film EPE foam sheet. But do you know the reason we use aluminum film EPE foam sheet? Of course, it has many advantages. Today we will talk about it together.

Aluminum film EPE foam sheet

The following article are the advantages of aluminum film EPE foam sheet:

1. Aluminum film EPE foam sheet has light will not become a burden on the building and is beneficial to the new and old buildings

2. Aluminum film EPE foam sheet has perfect elasticity.So you don’t worry about breaking by pull.

3.Aluminum film EPE foam sheet can weatherproof and waterproof, it can effectively moisture-proof and will not moldy.

4.Aluminum film EPE foam sheet can fire-retardant. It doesn't spontaneously ignite and it doesn't support combustion.

5.Aluminum film EPE foam sheet can sound proof. It can reduce the noise and produce a sound insulation effect and can sound-absorbing.

6.Aluminum film EPE foam sheet can heat insulation. It absorbs heat, lowers the temperature, and keeps out the cold.

7.Aluminum film EPE foam sheet has non-toxic, no odor and is very safe.

8.Aluminum film EPE foam sheet is ECO-friendly. It can save energy and environmental protection. It is low carbon waste and can use industrial waste residue, promote sustainable development.

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