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Aluminum film camping mat function

Release time: 2020-04-16


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Aluminum film camping mat function

For aluminum film camping mat, warmth, weight, comfort, durability, and size are all important. And for mountain climber, it is very important to sleep well at night. So choose a good aluminum film camping mat is very important when camping. Each traveler should have at least one of their own aluminum film camping mat.

 Aluminum film camping mat

The main functions of aluminum film camping mat are as follows:


1. Anti-fouling

Because it is difficult to find a flat place when camping in the wild, generally there are stones, grass heads, debris, etc. on the bottom, so you will feel very uncomfortable when you sleep. The use of aluminum membrane moisture-proof pads will be much better.


2. Keep warm

Since the body is directly in contact with the ground when camping in the wild, the heat insulation effect by the bottom of the tent is minimal, so if there is a layer of aluminum film camping mat between the body and the ground, the insulation effect will be much better ;


3. Moisture-proof

When camping in the wild, the ground is generally very wet at night, and the aluminum film camping mat has the characteristics of not absorbing water, which can play a role in preventing moisture.


Listen to the name aluminum film camping mat, and everyone will know what it does. There is no doubt that it is moisture-proof. And its function is not a single moisture-proof, but also to prevent you from being scratched by the uneven stones on the ground. At the same time, when outdoor weather is cold at night, we also need to use aluminum film camping mat to prevent the low temperature of the ground. If you are an outdoor enthusiast, then you must not miss it.


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