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Amazing uses of swimming noodle

Release time: 2020-04-22


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Amazing uses of swimming noodle

Swimming noodle comes in a variety of colors which make them be attractive to children. But now, swimming noodle is not just for swimming learning and playing in the pool anymore. DIY projects,arts and crafts, kids toys, and much more can be created using the swimming noodle.In the following article I will teach you the amazing uses of swimming noodle.


The DIY is very simple, and you can do it alone or with your family and children.

 swimming noodle

1. Floating cooler

During the hot day, you just dont want to get out of the swimming pool, walk across the deck or yard, and trek water or grass all over the kitchen floor to get a drink. You can place a cooler in the yard, but you still have to get out of the pool for that. Here comes the floating cooler made by swimming noodle for the pool! All you need for this refreshing project is one or two swim noodles, a rope, and a plastic tub.


2. Swimming noodle obstacle courses

The kids are out of school for the summer, now what do you do? You want to keep them outside and active, but after a week or so, they are bored and whining to go inside and play those dreaded video games. How do you keep them engaged in an outdoor activity without spending hundreds or thousands of dollars? Just build a swimming noodle obstacle course! Even for parents that are not very crafty or good with tools can make this simple but fun outdoor activity set.


3. Wreath

Women are always looking for a way to create a unique, amazing wreath for the front door that stands out. You can easily create an amazing swimming noodle wreath that all your guests and neighbors will love. Create a swim noodle ring by bending a swim noodle into a circle and taping it together. Wrap ribbon, fabric, or any other material you prefer to use, around the entire swim noodle. Place a few small artificial flowers or decorations onto the wreath with glue and your wreath is complete. No one will even know your wreath is made out of a swimming noodle.


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