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Anti-static Foam Tube-Shengtai Plastic

Release time: 2020-01-13


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Anti-static Foam Tube-Shengtai Plastic

"In life, we are often charged with electricity, and static electricity is everywhere. So do you know that static electricity is also generated during the packaging and transportation process?", "Crap" is the sound of electricity. When winter comes, static electricity is also coming. This static electricity is different from what we usually see, so we need anti-static pearl cotton foam tube in order to avoid static electricity.

In some high-demand industrial environments, a small static electricity may cause an explosion, so in packaging and transportation, avoid static electricity to avoid it. As an experienced foam factory, Shengtai Plastic has developed an anti-static pearl cotton protective clothing sponge foam tube, which always has good thermal insulation performance and strong shock resistance, and can also prevent static electricity and ensure safety during transportation.

Shengtai Plastic is not a company that manufactures and sells EPE, but is also a manufacturer of hot-selling EPE foam pipes. It has rich production experience and quality assurance. The brand is worthy of trust and buyers can buy with confidence.

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