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Do we have antistatic EPE foam tube?

Release time: 2020-04-20


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Do we have antistatic EPE foam tube?

Static electricity is an objective natural phenomenon. During the process of transport packaging of general electronic goods, due to the bumpy road is very easy to generate static electricity, we generally will use anti-static packaging for electronic goods packaging protection in order to prevent static electricity. So, as a widely used packaging industry environmental protection of new materials, do we have antistatic EPE foam tube?

 antistatic EPE  foam tube

EPE foam tube is a high pressure low density polyethylene as the main raw material products and produced by extrusion through physical foam. Without any antistatic agent, pearl cotton is not anti-static. But in order to make the application of pearl cotton more extensive, the industry produced antistatic EPE foam tube.


Antistatic EPE foam tube can prevent electrostatic adsorption of dust in the air which result in short circuit between device leads and electrostatic discharge electric field or current generated by the heat to damage components and other situations. The industry production of antistatic EPE foam tube is usually make the EPE foam containing masterbatch containing antistatic agent foamed with ordinary pearl cotton granules, so as to obtain a certain antistatic EPE foam tube.


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