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EPE-direct sales foam factory

Release time: 2019-12-31


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EPE-direct sales foam factory

A brief introduction to the hot sale EPE foam pipe produced by our company. Pearl foam is made of EPE material, which is environmentally friendly, highly elastic, and mostly used for packaging materials. EPE foam pipe is divided into hollow and solid pearl foam pipe. From the color,  can also be made into colorful finished products.

Zhejiang shengtai plastic company is direct sales foam factory, specializing in the production and wholesale of hot sale EPE foam pipe. Our EPE foam product is stable anti-shock.

Shengtai plastic is the direct sales foam factory. We promise that our EPE foam pipe is qualified in quality and has an advantage in price. Long-term cooperation is mutually beneficial and win-win. if you need related products, you can contact us.

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the EPE direct sales foam factory

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