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Why EPE foam packing sheet used for packing?

Release time: 2020-04-22


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Why EPE foam packing sheet used for packing?

Packing material is a very common goods, almost every commodity will use packaging, and in all kinds of packaging materials in the best performance of EPE foam packing sheet. Because the quality of EPE foam packing sheet with low price is very environmental protection, and has the effect of waterproof and heat insulation, so it can give the best protection of goods. The following article is a detailed explanation of why EPE foam packing sheet used for packing.

 EPE foam packing sheet

1. EPE foam packing sheet has green environmental protection without pollution


We are anathema to pollution, so a lot of high quality goods can choose EPE foam packing sheet as packing material.Because polyethylene as the main material of EPE foam packing shee is a kind of raw material free from pollution in all sorts of conditions are not send out a natural environment material and gas. So as the packing of the product there is no need to worry about the quality of the goods affected by the pollution.


2. EPE foam packing sheet has strong protection against shock


Because the EPE foam packing sheet is used in the manufacturing process of foaming process, so the material contains numerous air bubble. When goods are subjected to outside impact pressure, the air in EPE foam packing sheet is squeezed and compressed, which can effectively remove the impact pressure, so as to ease the impact on the goods, so it has a very good protective effect as a packing.


3. EPE foam packing sheet has strong plasticity and tight protection


EPE foam packing sheet has a strong plasticity. No matter what shape of the product, it can be customized according to the needs, so as to provide the product with close protection of the seam.So in the process of moving and unloading and transportation it can reduce the goods in the packaging of the shaking, so that the goods will not be damaged.


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