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Preservation of EPE foam sheet

Release time: 2020-04-21


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Preservation of EPE foam sheet

EPE foam sheet is used as packaging material, but it is also flammable. So in the process of EPE foam sheet storage and use, we should pay special attention to fire. Fire prevention is not just about preventing open fires, there are many hidden dangers. Today, we will briefly mentioned the following matters that should be paid attention to in the daily preservation of EPE foam sheet.

 EPE foam sheet

1. Fire fighting equipment shall be installed in and around the EPE foam sheet, and fire fighting equipment configuration drawings shall be set in appropriate positions.


2. Smoking and open flames are strictly prohibited in and around the warehouse, especially around the EPE foam sheet.


3. Each different product of EPE foam sheet should be stored separately, do not put them together.


4. All materials of EPE foam sheet shall be arranged in order by category, and the material name and number shall be marked with "material level card" and the storage location map of all materials shall be drawn.


5. The wire line is also the cause of the fire caused by the EPE foam sheet, so it is necessary to check the wire line regularly. The short circuit is a major cause of the EPE foam sheet profile fire. Good advice is to keep EPE foam sheet away from power lines.


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