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Features of the antistatic EPE foam tube

Release time: 2020-04-01


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Features of the antistatic EPE foam tube

Antistatic EPE foam tube has been extremely widely used in the packaging materials, especially in electronic products packaging materials because of its low price, moderate cushioning performance and other characteristics. Antistatic EPE foam tube is the The first choice of anti - static packaging materials.

antistatic EPE  foam tube

Here are the features of antistatic EPE foam tube

1. Antistatic EPE foam tube is tasteless and non-toxic. It is also has a light weight. It is mainly used for high-grade precision electronics, instruments and meters, export products packaging

2. Antistatic EPE foam tube has the good flexibility and buffer performance. So that it is widely used in high-grade furniture, arts and crafts gifts, wood products, glass ceramics, bags and so on, especially in household appliances, bank equipment and office equipment packaging applications more widely.

3. Antistatic EPE foam tube has the low thermal conductivity and good thermal insulation performance. It also has the excellent waterproof and anti-fouling performance.

Zhe Jiang Jianhua Group Shengtai Plastic Co.,Ltd. is a key enterprise in Zhejiang Province specializing in research, development and production of EPE (EPE). We are the best EPE foam manufacturer. Our company has been committed to the development and investment of new products based on market development and user demand for a long time.

The antistatic EPE foam tube is used as the inner packing material of the product and easy to process into various parts and children's toys, electronic instruments, precision instruments, optical instruments is the ideal shockproof packaging materials. The product specifications of our company are complete and can be customized to customer specifications.

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