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Advantages of EPE packaging material

Release time: 2020-04-14


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Advantages of EPE packaging material

EPE packaging material is a new type of product packaging materials, it can effectively prevent the damaged items, and has good earthquake could bail for heavy material. Moreover, EPE packaging material also has good waterproof performance, it can avoid goods damaged by damp environment. So, what are the other advantages of EPE packaging material?

EPE packaging material

1. EPE packaging material has independent bubble, anti – extrusion and good elasticity

Independent air bubble technology on EPE packaging material, there are intensive aggregate material through the polymerization of high pressure machine, so the EPE foam packaging good compression resistance, and can happen right amount along with the deformation direction completely, greatly reducing the inverse linear variable. And the flexibility of EPE foam packaging, for detonation, dumping, shaking and transportation environment have good resilience, prevent damage of goods.

2. EPE packaging material can protect against moisture, sound and static electricity

Ordinary foam packaging material has larger electrostatic force, and is able to light a small number of adsorption of item. It has great negative effects for product packaging. But EPE packaging material is adding antistatic material in polymer synthesis and material to form the antistatic protective layer, effectively resist static electricity, in addition, the interval of EPE foam packaging, high density, a powerful role of sound insulation and moisture proof.

3. EPE packaging material can protect the environment and resist chemical corrosion

EPE packaging material use harmless material, both for small regional environment and atmospheric environment, without any material leakage, and has a strong environmental performance. In addition, EPE foam packaging can also resist the corrosion of calcium chloride, potassium sulfate, magnesium hydroxide and other chemical etchants. So it has the good protection for the items.

4. EPE packaging material comes in a variety of colors and can replace wrapping paper

EPE foam packaging comes in a variety of colors, and can be customized for professional color matching. EPE foam packaging can print patterns, patterns, greetings, etc. It Combine aesthetics with practicality and can replace the traditional wrapping paper.

Above are the advantages of EPE foam packaging. When you make a choice, you should be the shockproof function as the preferred object to consider, due to the different packing foam shock-resistant. And you also should pay attention to the environmental protection, so as not to cause harm to the environment. Shengtai Plastic Co., Ltd., located in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, is a company specializing in the production and processing of EPE. We are the EPE foam manufacturer and we can provide you the high quality EPE foam packaging. If you are interested, welcome to contact with us!