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EPE packaging-environmental protection packaging material

Release time: 2020-03-16


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EPE packaging-environmental protection packaging material

When it comes to environmental protection, I have to talk about EPE packaging materials. EPE, also known as pearl cotton, is a new type of environmentally friendly material that can replace plastic. Its good characteristics of moisture resistance and shock resistance make it an excellent packaging material. In fact, there are many types of EPE packaging materials, such as EPE foam, aluminum film foam board, buffer foam tube, etc., which are not only environmentally friendly, but also convenient.

EPE packaging material customization

Here is a company, Shengtai Plastic Co., Ltd., which is a professional EPE packaging material customization manufacturer. There are many types of EPE packaging materials for users to choose from, and Shengtai itself is also an enterprise producing pearl cotton, so the quality can be guaranteed and you can rest assured buy.

In the past two years, environmental protection has been brought up again. In all aspects of life, environmentally friendly and energy-saving materials have been favored by more and more people, especially in packaging materials. Nowadays, online shopping has become a daily consumption, so the demand for packaging materials is increasing, and the requirements for environmental protection are becoming higher and higher.