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Types of EVA beach mat

Release time: 2020-04-01


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Types of EVA beach mat

The camping and beach mat was originally designed for travel convenience. So it does not occupy volume. The beach mat has small space, light weight, and convenient deployment. So its basic functions are waterproof, moisture-proof, water-proof, and scratch-resistant. The EVA beach mat is icing on the cake.

foam beach mat with pillow

There are many types of EVA beach mat in our company. Let me introduce you some types of them.

1. Foam beach mat with pillow

Our company's foam beach mat with pillow adds pillows to the previous version of the beach mat, so that you can sleep comfortably when you are tired on a picnic or the beach. And it is 100% filled with EVE material.

2. Aluminum foil foam camping beach mat

The aluminum foil foam beach mat is more powerful, and the anti-vibration and moisture resistance effect is more excellent under the blessing of aluminum foil foam, durable and affordable.

A chic picnic mat not only attracts the eyes of passersby, but also avoids white pollution. It is both beautiful and fashionable, and can be used repeatedly, which plays an environmentally friendly role. Zhejiang Jianhua Group Shengtai Plastic Co., Ltd. is a EPE foam manufacturer, we can offer you the best EVA beach mat, welcome to contact with us!

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