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Shengtai Plastic-Professional Supplier Of EPE Foam

Release time: 2020-01-13


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Shengtai Plastic-Professional Supplier Of EPE Foam

If you work in logistics, you must know the importance of packaging and transportation materials. For long-distance transportation, the packaging material is a top priority. By comparing the performance of multiple materials, it can be found that the protective foam foam pipe has many properties such as earthquake resistance, heat insulation and heat insulation.

Shengtai Plastic was originally a company that produces and sells EPE, and is an experienced foam factory. The produced thermal insulation foam pipe has lower thermal conductivity, better thermal insulation performance, excellent waterproof and corrosion resistance, and provides Order buffer foam tube, sell hollow foam tube, custom foam packaging, sell shock-proof foam and other services.

For the safety of the goods, and in order to prevent accidents during transportation, buyers can choose EPE foam pipes on the basis of understanding the properties of pearl cotton, and choose Shengtai Plastics, a company that speaks on its strength.