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Working principle of aluminum film camping mat

Release time: 2020-04-14


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Working principle of aluminum film camping mat

Now people are far away from nature. But it seems like that people are more and more like nature, so there are a lot of people like to go outdoor camping. Camping outdoors requires a lot of equipment, such as tents and sleeping bags. There also including today's protagonist aluminum film camping mat.

aluminum film camping mat

Like sleeping bags and warm clothing, aluminum film camping mat insulate people from the cold by using a layer of barely moving air. It creates a layer of stagnant "dead air" between the body and the ground and Use body heat to gradually raise the temperature of this layer of "dead air", make it become a barrier of heat exchange between the body and the ground, thereby playing the effect of insulation and moisture. The efficiency of an aluminum film camping mat depends on how much "dead air" it can hold and its ability to stop air convection.

Even in summer, the temperature of the earth's surface is lower than the temperature of the air. When they contact with the earth's surface, the heat conduction effect of people's skin will be brought to the ground, cause skin to lose energy and produce the feeling of cold, people need aluminum film camping mat to help people do a good job in isolated will not result in loss of temperature because of the loss of energy. We spread the aluminum film camping mat on the side of the aluminum film in the tent or on the grass, which can most effectively isolate the direct contact between the human body and the ground and heat transfer, so that the human body can maintain its own body temperature in the night or in the long camp for healthy entertainment.

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