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Features of antistatic EPE foam tube

Release time: 2020-04-20


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Features of antistatic EPE foam tube

As a commonly used packaging material, the antistatic EPE foam tube mainly serves as a waterproof, anticorrosive and shock-absorbing buffer to protect important objects. So what are the characteristics of the antistatic EPE foam tube?

 antistatic EPE  foam tube

1. The antistatic EPE foam tube has strong anti-friction capability


The antistatic EPE foam tube has good elasticity and strong anti-friction strength, so that it can disperse the friction force brought by the outside world in the process of use. So as to achieve the packaging to avoid expensive items from being damaged by friction and achieve its good protection.


2. The antistatic EPE foam tube has high environmental protection


The antistatic EPE foam tube can be recycled, and the goal of resource saving can be realized. And Our company production of antistatic EPE foam tube is non-toxic, so it is harmless to the human body, environmentally friendly and reliable, and also in line with the corresponding developed material standards.


3. The antistatic EPE foam tube has high flame retardant


The antistatic EPE foam tube has good flame retardant, now EPE foam manufacturer in the production process will add a certain amount of flame retardant, so that the antistatic EPE foam tube has a higher flame retardant, so as to prevent accidental fire damage to the packaging.


Zhejiang Jianhua Group Shengtai Plastic Co., a key enterprise specializing in research, development and production of EPE. We can produce products with flame retardant, high temperature and antistatic properties according to user requirements. Welcome to buy our antistatic EPE foam tube. We would not let you down.