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Difference between EPE foam sheet and plastic foam sheet

Release time: 2020-04-20


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Difference between EPE foam sheet and plastic foam sheet

Now ,many people start to use EPE foam sheet. It has many superior characteristics. Today we

would talk about the difference between EPE foam sheet and plastic foam sheet.

 EPE foam sheet

1. Different process materials: plastic foam sheet is foaming after mold heating, and the main material is foaming polystyrene. EPE foam sheet is made of low density polyethylene ester, physical foam and pearl cotton composite cutting.


2. Different packaging effects: traditional plastic foam sheet impact resistance and bearing capacity is low, if the impact is particularly strong, it may even break into pieces of small pieces. EPE foam sheet is made up of many small bubbles. Strong toughness under the strong impact force, this toughness can cushion the impact force, so that the pearl panel is not damaged. And the conductivity of the pearl cotton coil is lower than the foam board, in the packaging of high-quality electronic products, friction in the process of transportation, friction static electricity in the cargo transport is not easy to produce, so that the damage of electronic components is greatly reduced.


3. Different degrees of environmental protection: most of the traditional plastic foam sheet used once, will be crushed into white particles, which will produce white pollution, not conducive to the protection of the environment. EPE foam sheet is an environmentally friendly packaging material, it can be used many times, biodegradable, more environmentally friendly than the traditional foam board. Today and in the future, the awareness of environmental protection is more and more heavy, EPE foam sheet will be more people's choice.


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