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How to use swimming noodle to learn swimming

Release time: 2020-04-22


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How to use swimming noodle to learn swimming

A swimming noodle is a flexible solid foam cylinder that can be used as a float, pool toy, and even as a piece of water aerobics gear. People always use it to learn swimming. But do you know how to use it? If you don’t know about it, you must read the following article which would tell you how to use swimming noodle to learn swimming.

  swimming noodle

1. If you want to learn how to flutter kick, scull water or tread water, you should place a swimming noodle under one armpit, around the back then under the other armpit to float in a vertical position.


2. If you want to practice the flutter kick or the breaststroke kick, you need to place the swimming noodle across the chest and under the armpits while floating in a horizontal prone position.


3. If you want to practice the backstroke kick, just place the swimming noodle behind the neck in a supine position with arms extended overhead or resting at the sides.


4. If you want to practice the scissor kick used with the sidestroke, place a swimming noodle under the lower armpit while floating in the horizontal side position.


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