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Aluminum film EPE foam closed cell foam sheets

51epe produces foam insulation materials.The use of this principle to create aluminum film EPE foam sheet for reflecting temperature and sunlight.
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The company adheres to the business tenet of “emphasizing quality and stressing credibility”, adhering to the corporate spirit of “exploration and innovation, integrity management, excellence, and quality service”. The EPE foam sheet developed by the company is sealed, leakproof, moisture-proof and shock-proof advantage.

Aluminium film EPE foam centimeter pearl cotton is our company's main product, quality assurance, and there is no middleman to make a difference, it is cheaper.

Although the ordinary foamed sheet has many advantages, the foam insulation sheet developed by our company can well maintain the heat, which can solve this problem well.

 Aluminum film EPE foam

Aluminum film EPE foam sheets Advantages

1.Light weight, it will not become a burden on the building, is beneficial to the new and old buildings

2.perfect elasticity, don’t worry about breaking by pull.

3.Weatherproof and waterproof, Can effectively moistureproof, will not moldy.

4.Fire-retardant, It doesn't spontaneously ignite and it doesn't support combustion.

5.Sound proof, It can reduce the noise and produce a sound insulation effect,it can sound-absorbing

6.Heat insulation, It absorbs heat, lowers the temperature, and keeps out the cold.

7.Non-toxic, no odor, 100% safe.

8.ECO-friendly, If you don't use it anymore, you can recycle it.

Aluminum film EPE foam

Aluminum film EPE foam sheets Appliation

vehicles, shipping, bags/boxes industry, ued in the packaging of special goods .

contruction insulation in hardware industry

electronics industry, protecting electronics equipment


safeguarding in building and pipe

sport accessories,

medical component etc.

aluminum and EPE foam's using

aluminum and EPE foam's using

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