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Why children swimming noodle has holes?

Release time: 2020-04-07


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Why children swimming noodle has holes?

Many people have questions about why children swimming noodle has holes. Today we will talk about this question. I’m sure you can learn more from this article.

children swimming noodle

Why children swimming noodle has holes? The swimming noodle with holes is only used to connect with other connectors. Its function is different from that of the solid one. In actual use, the function of the swimming noodle is still the same.

Children swimming noodle is a cylindrical EPE foam product commonly used in water games. They have two main types. A children swimming noodle can be either a lumpy form without any holes or a hollow shape with holes. Usually, a children swimming noodle with a hole inside is connected to each other by various connectors, including ropes. The connector goes through the hole of the children swimming noodle. Block types are usually connected using special connectors that hold parts to their ends. These two types are connected in various shapes and children can use them while playing in the swimming pool.

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