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Which aluminum camping mat do you choose?

Release time: 2020-03-16


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Which aluminum camping mat do you choose?

Have you ever used an aluminum film camping mat? Camping mats are mainly used for outdoor picnic camping, and can be used in mountains, plains, snow, snowy mountains, grasslands, riversides, fields, indoors, etc. Therefore, these special places of use also require excellent camping mats to have the characteristics of ultra-waterproof, high dust-proof, no pollution, no odor, low thermal conductivity, good corrosion resistance, light and easy to carry.

aluminum film camping mat

So if you need to use a camping mat, do you know how to choose? You know, choosing the right camping mat is not easy. Then I recommend a company here-Shengtai Plastics.

Shengtai Plastic adds aluminum film material to the camping mat to make it more waterproof and dustproof. Another aluminum film foam mat is made of foam material, which is lighter in weight and more convenient to carry ; There is also an aluminum film folding mat, which will have creases when folded, and this one solves this problem. So Shengtai plastic camping mat is worth your choice.