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Storage of die cut EPE foam packing

Release time: 2020-04-22


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Storage of die cut EPE foam packing

Die cut EPE foam packing is more and more widely used in recent years due to its excellent protection performance, and characteristics of recyclable, safe and environmentally friendly. So the storage of die cut EPE foam packing is also a very important problem. What should be paid attention to in the storage process of die cut EPE foam packing?

 Die cut EPE foam packing

1. Do not store charge in die cut EPE foam packing, charge condition of storage link must be evaluated regularly.


Do not discharge items which rubs die cut EPE foam packing regularly. Because if the charge reached a certain degree, the friction after the electrification of the object will carry on the discharge action, may cause the die cut EPE foam packing fire.


2. Do not store die cut EPE foam packing in contact with mutually exclusive objects


When selecting the storage location of the warehouse, the surrounding factories should be analyzed to determine whether there are any products "exclusive" with die cut EPE foam packing. Of course, there are also common die cut EPE foam packing and antistatic die cut EPE foam packing inside the distinction. If you want to be able to reduce the occurrence of fire, you can also use antistatic die cut EPE foam packing.


3. Do not touch inflammable products , such as cigarette butts or hair gel, etc.


From the chemical and physical point of view, die cut EPE foam packing is flammable goods, experiments have shown that non-open flame small flame also let die cut EPE foam packing fire, such as extinguish cigarette.


4. Do not touch the circuit , including complete or damaged circuit


Electrical wiring is also the cause of the fire. So check the electrical wiring frequently, the best advice is: do not let the pearl cotton near the line. Therefore, die cut EPE foam packing lining in the store, the first thing to note is away from open flame, again is to prevent charge accumulation, in case electrostatic discharge fires. We should popularize the precautions of pearl cotton fire prevention to the staff in the storage department, and make regular inspections and strict requirements in daily work to avoid irreparable losses.


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