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Four characteristics of popular science pearl cotton

Release time: 2019-11-26


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Four characteristics of popular science pearl cotton

Pearl cotton is a widely used packaging material with excellent quality. It has four main characteristics:

                                               pearl cotton four characteristics

1. Environmental protection and recyclability

Compared with other packaging materials, pearl cotton is produced by physical foaming. There is no chemical reaction in the whole process. It is environmentally friendly, pollution-free and recyclable.

2. Excellent physical and chemical properties

Pearl cotton has a series of advantages such as heat preservation, fire prevention, heat insulation, sound insulation, friction resistance, corrosion resistance and so on. Pearl cotton material with electrostatic agent also has obvious anti-static performance.

3. Buffering and Seismic Resistance

Pearl cotton material is a new type of environmental protection packaging material with high cushioning and anti-seismic ability. It is flexible, light and elastic. It can absorb and disperse external impact force by bending, and achieve cushioning effect. It overcomes the shortcomings of common foam rubber such as fragility, deformation and poor resilience.

4. Universal application

Pearl cotton is widely used in automobile cushions, pillows, electronic appliances, instruments, computers, audio, medical devices, industrial control computer boxes, hardware lighting, crafts, glass, household appliances, spraying, furniture, furniture, liquor and resin and other fragile gift packaging, hardware products, toys, melons and fruits, leather shoes, internal packaging, daily necessities. Packaging of various products.