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Custom production of EPE foam sheet

Release time: 2020-03-18


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Custom production of EPE foam sheet
Shengtai Plastics adheres to the business tenet of “emphasizing quality, stressing credibility”, and adhering to the corporate spirit of “exploration and innovation, integrity management, excellence, and excellent service”. With many years of experience in producing pearl cotton, the EPE foam sheet developed has the advantages of sealing, preventing leakage, moisture, and shock. On the basis of foamed sheets, Shengtai also produces many high-quality products, such as: aluminum film foamed sheet, EPE foamed sheet, aluminum film pearl cotton foam, aluminum film foam sheet, foam insulation sheet.

Among them, the pearl cotton in the aluminum film pearl cotton foam is the main product of Shengtai Plastics, the quality is guaranteed, and the raw material pearl cotton is produced by its own company. There is no middleman to make a difference and it is cheaper. Although ordinary foamed sheet has many advantages, it is unfortunately unable to achieve heat insulation, so our company has developed a foam insulation board, which can well maintain heat and solve this problem well.

Pearl cotton is an environmentally friendly material with a wide range of applications, and Shengtai Plastics has a unique technology in making EPE, so the quality of foamed sheets and foam boards is guaranteed at the source. If you need to buy foam sheet and foam board, you can contact the person in charge of Shengtai Plastics. 

EPE foam sheet