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How should we store such excellent pearl cotton products?

Release time: 2019-11-26


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How should we store such excellent pearl cotton products?

1.First of all, it is important to prevent open fire

a. Fire-fighting equipment shall be provided in and around the warehouse, and fire-fighting equipment configuration maps shall be set up at appropriate locations to ensure safety.

b. Smoking and open fire are strictly prohibited in and around the warehouse.

c. Products of different styles and models should be deposited separately.

d. All data should be arranged in order of type.

                                                 store pearl cotton

2.In addition to fire prevention, the following hidden dangers should also be noted:

a. Short circuit is a major cause of pearl cotton fire, try not to let pearl cotton close to the wire line.

b. Small non-open-flame fuels can also make pearl cotton fire, such as fast-pacifying cigarette butts, so special attention is also paid. 

c.When choosing the location of storage warehouse, attention should be paid to the surrounding factories, whether there are products that endanger the production of Pearl cotton.

In short, safety is the top priority, and the warehouse management of pearl cotton must be paid attention to.