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Uses and styles of EPE baby play mats

Release time: 2020-03-18


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Uses and styles of EPE baby play mats
Now more and more newborns, for novice mothers, the most worrying thing about the baby's growth is the safety of the baby. After all, the baby is active, unwilling to be lonely, and will crawl around during growth. Will fall, be cold, and be injured. So every novice mother should prepare an EPE baby play mat for the babies. The function of this mat is to accompany the baby to grow up. What does an excellent EPE play mat look like?

Shengtai Plastic has a variety of EPE foam game mats with different functions, including EPE printed foam mats and children's puzzle foam mats. The EPE foam game pad is softer and can absorb shock and rebound. This way, even if the baby falls, it will not hurt, reducing the chance of the baby being injured.

The EPE puzzle foam pad is more interesting, not only can protect the baby, but also allows the baby to play and develop intelligence, which is more practical. EPE printed foam mats are printed on the basis of foam material. Various styles and various types are available to make the living room look good and let the baby like to play on the cushions.

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