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A variety of EPE applications

Release time: 2020-03-10


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A variety of EPE applications
Friend, have you ever used foam material? Have you ever felt that it is fragile, deformable, and difficult to recover, so it will definitely, so hurry up and discard this material. Today we talk about a new material-pearl cotton. Pearl cotton is composed of countless independent bubbles produced by low-density polyethylene grease through physical foaming. It overcomes the disadvantages of ordinary foamed materials and is affordable. At present, pearl cotton has been widely used in various fields. Such as EPE swimming products, EPE water guns, EPE packing materials, EPE foam profiles, etc.

First, apply to clothing
Pearl cotton contains silicon, which feels soft and smooth, and has strong breathability. It is fuller than clothing made of spray-coated cotton, does not contain toxic ingredients, and has no side effects on the human body. Therefore, the use of pearl cotton to fill down jackets has become a major trend.

Second, applied to sports and leisure outdoor products industry
EPE can be used to make a variety of foam pads for gymnastics, track and field, diving and other training, such as baby play mats, camping mats, beach mats, etc. Although its material is soft, it is extremely tough and can withstand the impact of athletes without damage, which effectively protects the safety of athletes.

And the company that is very famous for making pearl cotton is Shengtai Plastics. Shengtai is an excellent Beach mat brand that sells various EPE foam pads. Its products are loved by consumers in many countries, and the quality is guaranteed. ,trustworthy.

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