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Buying a EPE water gun for your children

Release time: 2020-01-06


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Buying a EPE water gun for your children

What were you doing in summer when you were a child? Eating different ice cream, lying sofa and watching interesting cartoons or running with your friends on the beach, playing games in the water. If you were latter, you need a super nice water gun which is your friends all want. However, not everyone has water gun in his childhood in the past ,now , buying a EPE water gun for your children. Let he has a wonderful child time.

What is EPE water gun ?


EPE water gun is a toy for children which is made in Zhe Jiang Jianhua Group Shengtai Plastic Co.,Ltd Shengtai ( a EPE water gun factory) by EPE material. EPE water gun is better than usual water gun in market. Because EPE is soft, has good sound insulation, waterproof, thermal insulation properties, excellent cushioning, floating, shock resistance, excellent chemical stability, weather resistance and corrosion resistance. The product has closed cells. The structure, which is extremely light in weight and extremely low in cost, is an ideal packaging material.

Besides, EPE water gun uses children favorite cartoon’s person in style. It’s also has so many types for you in order to cover your needs.

cartoon water gun

simple water gun

Your children must love it!If you want to buy EPE water gun , please click this web:

Cartoon EPE water gun:

Simple EPE water gun: